The McCurdy Historical Doll Museum No Longer Exists

{April 8, 2009}   That’s Right! It’s gone!


Dear seekers of the McCurdy Historical Doll Museum:

I’m sorry to announce that the McCurdy Historical Doll Museum no longer exists.  In fact, it hasn’t existed for many years.  Unfortunately, many websites that feature the old Doll Museum have not responded to our emails asking them to stop advertising for it.

At least once every month someone shows up hoping to see the dolls.  I can’t bear to disappoint any more little girls.  Tell the world!  The dolls aren’t here anymore!  The only dolls are some poor college students.

If you’ve already fallen victim to old ads, we’re very sorry.

I plan to keep this blog updated regularly with more info on the lack of dolls here.  Stay tuned!


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